Pomelo Press creates luminous, painterly imagery of two and four-legged people…portraits of the people that you adore. They are charming. sophisticated and endearing mementos…exquisite celebrations of life and love.

The Pomelo Press commission is custom and individually created. The source of the work is photographic, an image that you either e-mail, snail mail, or give to us personally. In the absence of original material, in certain circumstances, arrangements can be made for an on-location shoot.

With a great deal of time, energy and love, we transform the original image digitally into a painterly work of art. There is no formula....no recipe.....each work is unique.

Because the artist’s tool is a computer, and not a paintbrush, there is sometimes a misconception that the computer does all the work.....that a very clever operator can push a few very clever buttons, and out pops a painting. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a tremendous amount of work, and talent, that goes into the creation of each image.

Pomelo Press creates portraits from the imagery that you send us. After all, you know the pictures that you love the most. If you have a few and can’t decide on your favorite, send us a bunch and we can discuss which one would lend itself to the best result.

While we are able to create beautiful portraits from almost any size image, the bigger the file is the better, as there is much more information and detail in a larger file to work with.

We accept files in the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, dng and psd. If you have a file sharing account such as Dropbox or the like, simply send us the link at ObscureMyEmail. Otherwise, we are very pleased with the simplicity and ease of use at wetransfer.

Please call or write if you have any questions: 206.535.6999